Season 1: No travel so let's Zoom!

Covid put a wrench in a lot of people's plans, including ours. We had originally planed to film on-location throughout 2020 but since Covid took that option away we had to pivot. The solution combines Zoom interviews with exceptional startup founders and a great team of freelance videographers to capture where they come from.



Episode 1: Beirut, Lebanon 

Audrey Nakad is the CEO and Co-Founder of Synkers

Episode 2: Nairobi, Kenya

Tesh Mbaabu, CEO and Founder of Marketforce360

Episode 3: Montevideo, Uruguay

Ximena Aleman, Co-founder and
Chief Business Development Officer PrometeoAPI 

Episode 4: Jakarta, Indonesia

Cleosent Randing, CEO and Co-founder, PasarPolis

Episode 5: Bogota, Columbia 

Marta Forero, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, Ubits

Episode 6: Tunis, Tunisia

Safwen Bouali, CEO and Founder, Onboard

Episode 7: Bangkok, Thailand

Kanpassorn Suriyasangpetch, CEO and Founder, OOCA

Episode 8: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Shubho Al-Farooque, CEO and Founder, ZantrikAI

The Team

Project editor: 

Chase Kaiser (Toronto)


Lea Lahoud (Beirut)

Kelvin Okumu (Nairobi)

Florencia Barreiro (Montevideo)

Dimas Faizal (Jakarta)

Daniel Guerra (Bogota)

Hamza Guenaoui (Tunis)

Shubha Kumar Paul (Dhaka)

Suriya Sakonsathien (Bangkok)

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