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Season 1: No travel so let's Zoom!

What do great entrepreneurs from emerging and developing countries have in common? They're ignoring geography and perceptions about where they are from to build the world's next great tech companies. Exceptional people building exceptional things in places you'd never have imagined.

The future of fintech is being built in Montevideo, Uruguay

Ethiopia's top startup founder didn't see a computer until she was 17.

The last mile of ecommerce: Africa's retail economy gets connected

More than cheap clothes. Bangladesh's startup economy is starting to blossom

Tackling the stigma of mental health via telemedicine in Bangkok, Thailand 

Amidst the chaos of #Beirut an edtech success story is on the rise.

The Colombian startup that's taking on LinkedIn 

Tunisia's post-revolution economy: tech startups straddling three worlds

South East Asia's next tech unicorn might be this #insurtech in Jakarta.

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